Let’s go Premium …

Exciting Marketing News for 2019 from Chas Everitt Cape Town South

The terms Premium Listings and Featured Listings were not made famous by Property24 or Private Property, but by the two biggest property portals in the world Right Move and Zoopla.

Who do you think owns these domain names in South Africa?
Chas Everitt Cape Town South does!

It’s time to go premium with PremiumListings.co.za
Why now? An analysis of Google keywords in 2018 shows that both of the term Premium Listings have entered popular vocabulary in real estate terminology and this is now a significant search term in use globally and in South Africa.

Unlike a standard listing that appears on Property24 or Private Property or on Corporate websites, Premium Listings will be an individual website per property. But that is not all, as Premium Listings automatically means we are allocating a Premium Listings Marketing Package to that listing that can include night photography, floorplans, video and drone footage. These special features are not catered for on portals and generic websites in a way that significantly exploits the value of these marketing benefits. Premium Listings thus go together with the Premium Listings marketing Package – they are made for each other.

Big marketing advantages:

1) Property portals by their nature and design are generic and restrictive. They do not allow personalised showcasing of a property with the various featured marketing components such as floor plans or video footage which is lost in the one size fits all generic layout.

2) This is exclusive to Chas Everitt Cape Town South sole mandates based on the prevailing criteria.

3)  Current Criteria:  Sole mandates, 90 days + and properties with asking price over R5 000 000. 

4) The terms Premium Listings (and Featured Listings) are already well established in both the SA real estate industry and with consumers – ie it has an inherent brand value of its own right and is a growing keyword in Google searches.

5) The format will be unique in that this is not a database!  Every property listed will have its own url, ie a unique web address 14 Blue Street will for example be www.14BlueSt.PremiumListings.co.za

If you want to get an idea what this will look like you can go to http://42nova.upperconstantia.co.za  and it will give you some idea of the look and feel that and PremiumListings.co.za will have.

6) Anyone going to the home or index page of PremiumListings.co.za will also have an option to view other Premium Listings by area. This is important as the domain’s Google traction (backed by a substantial Google paid marketing budget) will ultimately benefit ALL our listings.

Go live date 20 April 2019

Current criteria reminder:
Sole mandates over 90 days and asking price over R5 000 000
* After an initial launch period we will be reducing the price ceiling but it will remain for sole mandates only.